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Written musical arrangements to order.

Band Charts for Cruise Ships


Music for Cruise Ship Artistes - contact me.

I am an extremely experienced music writer, arranger and orchestrator, especially for cruise lines, having worked as a Musical Director onboard the major P&O luxury cruise ships and many others, producing high quality musical arrangements,  transcriptions and band charts for cruise ships cabaret and theatre. Band Charts written for any number of instruments to conform to the various ship's instrument line-up. All styles of music and sent as scores and separate instrument parts in pdf format to your email address so you can print them out shoreside or onboard wherever you are, all at competitive rates.

Each arrangement also comes with a playback mp3 and a midi file so that you know the arrangement prior to performance.

It is really helpful to let me know:

  1. The title of the music and if a specific artiste's version is needed
  2. Roughly how many verses or choruses are required
  3. The number and list of instruments to be written
  4. If vocals are to be included, and in which vocal range(s)

Don't worry too much if you don't know all this, it just helps if you do.
You can quickly fill out the simple form here.

Or just E-MAIL ME